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Academic proofreading                                                 and copy editing<span> (teksty w języku angielskim)</span> Medical English

Academic Proofreading and Copy Editing (texts in Polish)

I will help you write a cover letter, format the manuscript according to the journal's guidelines, prepare responses to reviewers' comments, and provide technical support for online submission.

I can help you copy edit and proofread:

  • original papers;
  • reviews;
  • cover letters;
  • case reports.
  • meta-analysis and systematic reviews;

Editing vs. Proofreading: What's the difference?


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, involving correction of stylistic, grammatical, lexical, spelling and punctuation errors.

Copy editing

Copy editing involves more extensive and reliable changes to the text such as adjusting your manuscript to the formatting guidelines required by the publisher, correcting style, logical, factual and syntactical errors.